Imagine becoming critically, chronically, or terminally ill right now in your life. What would you do? Who will care for you and your family if you are the primary financial earner in your household? How would you manage to cover your home, car, and credit card debts? It’s a frightening thought that I hope no one ever experiences. But sadly, millions of Americans every year becoming critically, chronically, or terminally ill and many don’t even know how to protect themselves from it.

What if I told you that a Permanent Life Insurance policy would protect you and your family? A Permanent Life Insurance policy is one of the most misunderstood products available to us today. It’s versatile and one of the most flexible products you can purchase in the marketplace today.

Protect Your Family with Living Benefits

Like most people, you’re probably thinking, how will a life insurance policy protect my family against me getting critically, chronically, or terminally ill; doesn’t a life insurance policy only protect you only if you die?

Yes, they do protect you in the event that you die, but they also have living benefits and these living benefits is what will protect you and your family.

One of the living benefits is that it can pay you a tax-free income or a tax-free lump sum in a situation where you get critically, chronically, or terminally ill, so for all intents and purposes, it puts a protective bubble around you, and you are covered in any scenario.

Another Living Benefit to Protect Your Family

Another living benefit is that you become in need of money, not necessarily because you became ill, but maybe you just need cash for any reason. Did you know that after 7 to 10 years the premium money that you paid into the policy or the cash value of the policy can be made available to you tax free in the form of a loan, plus it’s subtracted from the death benefit value not the cash value, which basically means that your policy continues to grow with uninterrupted compound interest while still protecting you and your family.

Isn’t this amazing? You have just protected your family in the event you get chronically ill, run into financial hardship and if you pass away, all with just one life insurance policy. It truly is peace of mind.

My name is Ken LaMantia. I’ve been helping families for over 20 years have true peace of mind. I hope that this information was useful to you. I also hope that you get your questions answered and immediately protect your family. Please feel free to email me or DM me in your favorite social media platform. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter where I continue to share valuable financial information that can benefit you and your family.


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