Understanding Annuities to Grow & Protect your Wealth for Retirement

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14 Facts you Should Know About Annuities

“This FREE fact guide to understanding Annuities is taken from my book, The Financial World – An Insiders View. It will help give you 14 facts about Annuities in order to make an educated decision.”

Three Outstanding Facts Are:

Protected from Market Losses

No Fees. Unless you choose a rider!

Creditor & Divorce Proof

More facts are listed in your FREE download!

The Financial World

Everything You Should Know About Your Money!

A dive into the financial service industry & the products most consumers utilize; but, don’t fully understand. A perspective from a career insider with over 20 years of experience from Wallstreet to Mainstreet.

A simplified version of a university equivalent course explaining the basics that even some financial advisors don’t fully grasp. The unique perspective of a street smart native New Yorker explained in everyday language that is easy for all to comprehend and apply.

Meet Ken

I have been in financial services for 25 years; I began my career on Wall Street in New York City in 1997. I have been an MDRT agent for many years, I am a published author and have written multiple tax strategies over my career.

I served in the United States Army Reserve for 17 years including multiple deployments.

I am a Free Mason and a Knight of Columbus. I served on the board of the Salvation Army and a local bank.

I was an Investment Banker for two individual Investment Firms and helped fund multiple projects in the United States. I served as the Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer for two publicly traded companies and one private equity group.

I have trained over fifty insurance agents and fifty stockbrokers over my career. I currently mange over $220 million dollars of client’s assets.

My interests are now to help families financially protect and secure their future.


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